Apple Watch is ready to be your personal doctor

Apple Watch Introduction

Along with iPhone 6 launch this morning, the Tech giant also introduce the most personalised device ever, the new Apple Watch. The long-awaited smart watch finally arrived, and so far the reactions are mixed.

The Apple Watch introduces more innovative ideas and interesting features, but on the other hand failed to fascinate with its appearance, such as Moto 360 clock.

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Top 10 Tech Companies With Awesome Employee Benefits

Technology companies in the U.S. are known to offer a number of extra benefits to their employees, and the trend is rising. However, some of them stand out from the rest.

Career Bliss analysed the reviews on their website and make a list of the 10 best tech companies in the US that offer awesome benefits to employees.

10 US tech companies that offer best employee benefits

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Techie gifts for him for under £200

Still have not bought a gift?

If you have not purchased a gift for Christmas for your partner, father, brother, friend …this is the last moment. Here are some good suggestions:

1. Remington NE320C hygienic trimmer, ceramic (ear / nose)

Remington NE320C hygienic trimmer, ceramic (ear / nose)

Product Features:

Blades coated with Diamond Like Carbon coating, 400% harder steel blade for long-lasting, excellent cutting performance.

- Rotating luminary shave the hairs in your nose and ears 
- Washable under running water for easy cleaning 
- Runs on batteries: 1 x AA battery included.

Price: £106.00

2. Pedometer with compass

Pedometer with compass

Counts steps, mileage and miles and calories burned. Easily attaches to your belt.Exceptionally easy. LCD screen. Automatic shut down after one minute of non-use.

Product page.

Price: £117.00

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Several types of certified ATM

This post is inspired by



Certified models:

NCR 5674, indoor, freestanding, type lobby (lobby)

NCR 5684, outside, in wall (through-the-wall/TTW /) Operating system OS / 2 WARP V. 4.0

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Top 100 Web design blogs to follow in 2013

This is Infographic, a list of top 100 web design blogs to follow in 2013. It make sense. Enjoy!

Top 100 web design blogs to follow in 2013

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Rich French fleeing in London

Sale of real estate agencies in London in recent months has seen a marked increase in the interest of clients from France to buy expensive properties

Central London estate agents - Nelsons states that interest grew so much that they hired a new agent, who speaks fluent French.

"Even before this fleeing of French in London, I spoke French with a few richer citizens of their fear of what Oland announced during the presidential campaign.


They are afraid that he would hit upon the rich French taxes and because many of them are considering moving to London, “said one of the agents.

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Facebook mobile application new look

Facebook new mobile application

Facebook has announced that next week will present the new look of the application, reportedly working on a design application for mobile phones.

Invitation for the event which will be presented the new look does not state anything concrete, but the guys from TechCrunch in January wrote that the company tested the new redesign which is rejected classic blue look, but that news will now be in the form of large photos with text inside. Otherwise, the current view of the application is current as of May last year and since then has undergone drastic changes.

As Mashable writes, Facebook in New Zealand test and redesign the timeline. The assumption is that distributed some of the elements such as customer information, weather strips, but changed the name and location and profile picture. That this information is accurate and will actually look like the new Facebook mobile application, it remains to find out soon.

HTC unveiled the new One


Presenting its new smartphone, HTC said that they “re-invented” mobility experience. 

Pity they forgot to pick a new name for its new phone. No confusion, the new HTC One is not One X, not One V, nor One S that few months are already 

available in everywhere in the world, but “The New HTC One" rebranded model that has a 4.7-inch 1080p display, 1,7 GHz Snapdragon processor with 600 four cores,

UltraPixel camera space of 32 or 64 GB, but no microSD support, and Android 4.1 with Sense 5.

HTC One smartphone

As you can see from the pictures, the design of the HTC One is a beautiful aluminum body. 3 LCD screen is protected by Gorilla Glas 2, and is big enough without strayed 

landscape 5-inch tablets but remain among the competition before, Galaxy S3.

The One, which will be available after March, will have to popularize HTC again among users.

 Because the device is loaded with features and improvements, such BoomSound with twin stereo speakers,

 front camera of 2.1 megapixel camera and Utrapixel that attracts 200% more light with the ability to record 1080p video at 60 frames per second.

Central to the experience with the new Sense 5 interface is HTC BlinkFeed Widget home screen which will display real-time information, status of social networks and photos.

Even has a built-in option to record short videos and Zoe quickly share them on social networks.

HTC one smartphonewith aluminium body

All the features together with hardware performance and the latest HTC Android makes HTC ONE one of the more interesting phones in the market.

 But HTC will run into serious competition in March, when it will be released Samsung Galaxy S4, which is expected to be the king of Android smartphones.

s success will depend on the price of One which ranges from 200 to 300 dollars depending on the contract with the operators.

Mozilla has released Firefox Metro for Windows 8

Firefox Metro for Windows 8

Mozilla today released the beta version of Firefox for Metro. This is a trial version that at this time has a few bugs such as screen freezing, so browser must be included from the beginning.

Metro version you can download as Firefox Nightly beta, and to use the Metro area, you need Firefox set as the master browser. Also, the settings are not in full function, while highlighting favorite sites work fine. In addition, going on searches conducted through Bing, although the browser as the default browser is set to Google. However, this is still a trial version of which there is still much to work with.

Firefox for Metro

As announced in the middle of January, the documentary about the world’s largest torrent tracker - The Pirate Bay was officially presented on February 8th. TPBAFK or The Pirate Bay: Away from Keyboard is directed by Simon Klose and follows the lives of three founders of The Pirate Bay. Shown are the trials through which Peter trash Fredrik Ney and Gottfried Svratholm had to pass face a fine of $13 million from Hollywood, and during it all, Fredrik install a new computer in secret server room which will again raise legged pirate site.

The entire film is available on YouTube and you can see below.